The focus needs to be on global warming


Jonathan Lee

By Jonathan Lee
SYLP student

War, money, and power are a few things that countries and people are concerned about. Though I agree that these things are important, I believe that everyone should start focusing more on a growing epidemic — global warming.

Global warming will not only affect our country and our generation, but also the entire world and future generations if we don’t take action now. It is already occurring because the weather has been a lot warmer over the past few years, which is causing the ice in the Antarctic to melt. This will soon cause water levels to rise and flood parts of the world.

This is a problem that many people do not pay attention to because they feel as if they can’t do anything about it and have more important things to worry about. If we all do not do our part and stop pollution, then our ozone layer will be destroyed and the planet will no longer be able to sustain life. We should do our best to keep our air clean. If we do not take action soon, I fear that future generations will suffer from our mistakes.

Some might feel that they can’t stop global warming from continuing, but if every single person does their part in keeping the air clean, then it will become a worldwide effort. Sure, there are some things that cause pollution that we won’t be able to fully change. This may include cars burning fossil fuels, but we can at least adjust some of these things. People can start carpooling, taking the bus, or riding their bikes.

Another solution is the Go Green community because this group of people has already started making efforts toward making the planet a better place. They believe that we should limit the use of our planet’s natural resources and that we should recycle more often in order to minimize the cutting down of more trees and forests.

If everyone takes action now, I believe we can start seeing dramatic results within a few years. ♦

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