Dogs, more than just pets. Cows, more than just food.

Jennifer Yu

Jennifer Yu

By Jennifer Yu
SYLP student

In April 2007, Atlanta Falcons superstar quarterback Michael Vick was charged with competitive dog fighting, and owning and conducting a dog fighting ring in his southeastern Virginia home. In December 2007, Vick was convicted.

Vick bought a house in 2001 to serve as the main house for dog fights and training pitbulls. He and three other scumbags started “Bad Newz Kennels,” breeding and training hundreds of pitbulls to fight. They viciously let the dogs fight each other as anyone with $50,000 bet on them. Dogs that were unable to perform were electrocuted, hanged, drowned, or shot.

Many people have protested and fought after the Michael Vick scandal. But I wonder, are we being hypocritical by doing so?

Each year, 10 billion land animals are slaughtered and killed for food. The animals we use for food, such as pigs and cows, suffer the same as the dogs that were abused.

Eating animal meat is not a necessity. People choose to eat meat just as people choose to abuse dogs.

We cause pain, suffering, and death to billions of animals, all because we enjoy eating their flesh and the products that come from them. This sounds oddly like how Michael Vick used dog fighting as entertainment.

Most people think that eating meat and slaughtering cows or any other land animals might be natural, a thing you must do in order for humans to get proper nutrients. But humans can always find protein and vitamins in other foods.

When we see a dog getting abused and hurt, we think of it as inhumane and repulsive. I find it strange that we don’t see it like that for cows, too. ♦

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(The stories in this issue are written by SYLP students, not Northwest Asian Weekly staff.  Opinions herein do not necessarily represent the viewpoint of the newspaper.)

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2 Responses to “Dogs, more than just pets. Cows, more than just food.”

  1. N. L. says:

    I find this article very offensive and is bias. The author of this article is young and does not have enough life experience. I am surprise that Asian Weekly even published it Controversial?

    To the author of the article:

    The two have nothing in common whatsoever. Why is that most vegetarian/vegans always try to make the meat lovers feel guilty for eating meat? Does meat lovers make vegetarian/vegans feel uncomfortable for the choice of their food? No, the society accommodate to the needs of vegetarians/vegans diets –there is a special vegetarian section in restaurant and family members or friends cook a vegetarian dish just for the vegetarian/vegans.

    It’s a personal choice for you to become a vegetarian don’t make other feel guilty for the diet that they chosen.

    What you are writing is the same concept as when someone is trying to convert you into a different religion saying their religion is better than yours. You wouldn’t like that so I don’t understand why you would even write an article comparing Michal Vick dog fighting to people that enjoy eating meat.

    Furthermore, I think you should do your research and have your data straight. Have you actually interview real people before making any judgment on how they eat.

    In other countries, poor people to moderate income people are vegetarians not by choice but because that is the only thing they can afford to eat. Eating meat is a special treat for them – it’s a way for them to have proteins that they may not have gotten. Lots of immigrants here are happy that they have the option to eat meat everyday.

  2. MzTx says:

    Are u comparing Human Survival against Hanging of a dog ?? Smashing a dog head against the Concrete ???? God put animals for us to live w/ and to eat . ISn’t killing a fish just as bad as a COW ?? Or a Lobster ?? If u really want to go there ?? How about all the Bugs we kill … rodents and snakes ??

    Is it right how we kill Cows and Pigs .. absolutely not …. can there be a better way ?? Well lets find out . Humans have been eating Cows for Centuries … we have to come up w/ a More Humane way .

    but on the other hand …….
    Holding a dogs head under water till it gasps for it’s last breath is SICK !! and it takes a Mentally Unstable person to do so ….
    Vick needs to be Mentally Evaluated ……

    There hasn’t been 1 Serial Killer who didn’t Torture animals in it’s lifetime ….

    What does that say for VIck ?? Let him go and Wait till he does worse ???

    or give him the help he needs b4 it happens again ?


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