Sex offender concerns south Seattle residents

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Joseph Aqui

Joseph Aqui

Public indignation was aroused in south Seattle when Joseph Aqui, a level III sex offender, was relocated into the Othello neighborhood without the knowledge of many of the nearby residents. Othello is a predominately Asian neighborhood.

As a result, representatives of the Seattle Police Department (SPD) met with more than 200 residents in a community meeting held at New Holly Gathering Hall on July 30. They explained the procedure of letting sex offenders go back to communities after serving their sentences and discussed topics such as sex offender registration and community notification.

During the meeting, Cap. Ronald Mochizuki and Lt. Whelen (first name unknown) explained the department’s handling of Joseph Aqui, and the concerns of attendees subsided a bit.

Convicted to nearly two dozen rapes and sexual assaults since 1973, Joseph Aqui is not under the supervision of the Department of Corrections. Before being relocated to south Seattle, Aqui lived in Lake Forest Park with a man who has a history of domestic violence. This living situation affected Aqui negatively.

Chris Jackson, Aqui’s lawyer, attended the meeting and pleaded that Aqui’s relocation was not because of re-offense. However, attendees were disgruntled since their research revealed that Aqui was forced out of Lake Forest Park by residents. He also admitted to “increased thoughts of sex and increased masturbation” to his therapist during a recent visit.

Seattle Police Department representatives Cap. Ronald Mochizuki, Sgt. Michael McMahon, and Lt. Whelen (first name unknown). (Photo by Rebecca Ip/NWAW)

Seattle Police Department representatives Cap. Ronald Mochizuki, Sgt. Michael McMahon, and Lt. Whelen (first name unknown). (Photo by Rebecca Ip/NWAW)

Currently, 150 registered sex offenders live in south Seattle, a multicultural ethnic community. Even though the SPD indicated that it had notified residents of Aqui’s relocation, Somali, Chinese, and Vietnamese attendees complained that leaflets were ony in English, and residents who don’t speak English well were not properly notified.

Many residents do not know that they have a sex offender  in their neighbor. Moreover, attendees grumbled that they were never consulted by the city about discharged criminals moving into their neighborhood. They even alleged that Mayor Nickels saw south Seattle as a dump, and they would expel him in this year’s election. ♦

To appease residents from anxiety and fear, SPD suggest residents to log on to inquire about sex offenders in neighborhoods and request e-mail notifications. To report, please call 206-233-5138.

Mei Lau contributed to this report.

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2 Responses to “Sex offender concerns south Seattle residents”

  1. Informed Citizen says:

    unfortunately “Issues” information is not fear propogation. It’s literally information. Show me a study that says 90% are committed by non-registered persons and then also explain to me once you do that, how it changes anything about citizens being informed.

    Last but not least let’s also state that many of the people who are offenders are in prison and thus can not commit a crime to begin with. That is fact, show me yours.


    This fear is propagated by the media and politicians who are running for office, based on false “facts” and disinformation.

    This is nothing more than a modern day witch hunt helped by the likes of Nancy Disgrace, Bill O’Reilly, Oprah, Mark Lunsford, etc.

    Studies show that 90% or more of sex crimes being committed, are by those NOT on the registry, and 90% or more are victimized by people in their own home, close family or friends, not some stranger.

    Stop the mass hysteria and moral panic. We’d do more good by giving the citizens the true FACTS and not bogus lies and disinformation to help get ratings and votes.


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