Biodiesel is coming to Seattle

On June 24, General Biodiesel Seattle, LLC, announced that it has completed the acquisition of the Seattle biodiesel facility from Imperium Renewables. Imperial Renewables is a Seattle-based commercial biodiesel refinery operating a 100mm gallon per year facility in Grays Harbor.

General Biodiesel is converting the facility to produce biodiesel from waste oils such as recycled cooking oil and animal fat.

CEO and founder Yale Wong is primarily focused on making biodiesel oil from waste oils instead of the traditional virgin materials, such as soy or canola oil. Wong advocates using recyclable goods, such as animal fat, instead of using soy or canola, which can be domestically consumed in other ways.

Though the production of using waste oils is more costly, Wong believes General Biodiesel’s oil will alleviate the national energy crisis because more biodiesel consumption will lessen the United States’ consumption in the increasingly competitive diesel fuel market.

Wong hopes that Northwest communities can transfer from diesel to biodiesel as their primary energy source because biodiesel exerts 78 percent less carbon dioxide. ♦

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  2. […] General Biodiesel buys Seattle Imperium plant […]

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