East ID launches bilingual block watch

A coalition of South Weller St., Chinatown, and municipal organizations is launching a bilingual block watch sign campaign on the east side of the International District. The signs will feature English-Chinese and English-Japanese versions, the first of its kind in Seattle, according to Thomas O’Kelly, coordinator of East ID Block Watch.

The signs are part of a neighborhood awareness program designed to encourage cooperation among the workers and residents of South Weller Street and to discourage criminal behavior. The bilingual versions are a response to the multicultural population of the street.

East ID Neighborhood Awareness Committee will hold its next meeting on Thursday, April 16, at 3 p.m. at the Seattle Indian Health Board on the corner of 12th Avenue and South Weller Street. Agenda topics will include the value of bilingual block watch signs, funding for sign purchases and installations, and getting media support for the street renewal project. (end)

For further information please contact Thomas O’Kelly at taokelly@hotmail.com.

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