Actor Kal Penn goes to Washington

Actor Kal Penn shocked fans when his character on “House, M.D.” exited the show in a dramatic fashion on April 6. Indian American Penn played Dr. Lawrence Kutner. After two seasons on the show, Penn’s character was found dead in his apartment, apparently due to suicide.

What’s the reason behind Kutner’s controversial departure?

Actor Kal Penn

Actor Kal Penn

Penn told reporters on April 7 that he left “House, M.D.” to work in the White House as the new associate director of the Office of Public Liason because public service has always been a passion of his. On a conference call with reporters, he said his job with the Obama administration will focus on reaching to young people, arts professionals, and the Asian American community.

Penn is perhaps best known for playing Kumar Patel in “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle” (2004). Penn has stated that he is taking a break from acting to concentrate on his new career.

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