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Puget Sound Blood Center needs your help – Blood supply drops 20 percent due to weather

In the wake of snowy weather, Western Washington’s blood supply has lost 20 percent of its inventory — 1,000 units of blood. Due to the snowstorms and icy weather, Puget Sound Blood Center has had to cancel more than 27 blood drives and has lost 1,700 blood donations.

Blood types O- and O+ are at a critical two-day supply level; B- is at an emergency one-day supply level.

It is imperative that donors are informed of the shortage as well as knowing where they can donate. People are encouraged to donate blood whenever they can safely get to a center or blood drive to ensure blood centers start the New Year with an adequate supply of blood for area hospitals.

It takes more than 900 donor registrations every day to maintain an operational blood supply in Western Washington.

Please schedule an appointment with Puget Sound Blood Center by calling 1-800-398-7888. Walk-ins are also welcome. Visit for donation center hours of operation and driving directions, as well as mobile drive locations.

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