Suspects escape after Tai Tung shooting

On Oct. 25, at 1:50 a.m., shots rang out from Tai Tung restaurant’s parking lot at the 500 block of Maynard Avenue South. The parking lot is owned by the restaurant, but it is not physically attached to the Tai Tung establishment.

The suspects and the victims left the area in their respective vehicles and were gone when officers arrived. However, the victim and his friends went immediately to Harborview Medical Center. The victim, a male juvenile, suffered multiple gunshot wounds. He was hit twice in the chest/torso and several times in the leg. His injuries were considered life threatening at the time of the police report.

The suspects fled the area and were not located. Investigating officers found numerous shell casings on the ground in the parking lot. Several parked vehicles and a building across the street were also struck.

Because many eateries in the ID are open past midnight, restaurant workers in a nearby establishment reportedly heard the shots and initially thought they were firecrackers. After they realized the sounds were gunshots, several restaurants locked their doors and shut down business with customers still inside. Some restaurant workers hypothesize that the shootings were gang related due to the number of shots they heard that night (more than 20 shots).

The Gang Unit, Homicide and CSI responded to the scene. Detectives are conducting an investigation and are looking for eyewitnesses to the incident. ♦

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