Bruce Lee may return to the UW

During the fall of 2007, a group of University of Washington students and U-District residents helped organize and facilitate a two-credit focus group determined question the lack of representation of minority contribution to the University of Washington.

The group wanted to dedicate a place on campus to one of the UW’s most famous alumni, Bruce Lee. The class was titled “CHID 496: Bruce Lee Dedication.” After organizing a press conference on Nov. 26, 2007, the group kicked off a yearlong campaign to organize the community around the goal of having a “Bruce Lee UW Community Peace Garden” to be placed on the main campus.

Bruce Lee attended the UW for roughly three years, and though he did not graduate, Lee’s stay at the UW influenced him. While at the UW, Lee met his future wife Linda Emery. He also taught Jeet Kune Do at the school.

On Nov. 20 of this year, The Bruce Lee Project submitted a formal proposal submission to the Board of Regents. ♦

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