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In a group photo of the luncheon on Sept. 4, Phyllis M. Wise (center) sits with Mona Locke (left) and Carolyn Kelly (right). Grinning broadly, Sue Rahr stands tall (back). Mimi Gardner Gates is not pictured.

NWAW’s publisher Assunta Ng donated a luncheon with some of Washington state’s most powerful women on Sept. 4. Community members paid $200 a piece to share a table with director of the Seattle Art Museum Mimi Gardner Gates, president and chief operating officer of the Seattle Times Carolyn Kelly, executive director of the Susan G. Komen Foundation Mona Locke, King County Sheriff Sue Rahr and University of Washington provost Phyllis M. Wise. At the luncheon, individuals got to pick the brains of these powerful women. The women were asked questions ranging from presidential politics to how they met their significant others.

The proceeds of luncheon — $2600 — went to the Executive Development Institute. ♦

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